Thursday, March 26, 2015

2015 Registration now Full!!

It's official! The 2015 Cedarburg Plein Air event registration for artists is closed at 150 participants. Our committee is working hard to bring the artists and surrounding communities a wonderful art experience. 

Artists: If you didn't register, you can still send in a registration form (no check please) to be placed on a waiting list. If accepted due to an artist cancellation, you will then be asked to send in a check. Looking forward to June 17 - 28!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Artists info: Canvas, Panel, Paper Size and Frame Clarification 2015

Canvas, Panel, Paper Size and Frame Clarification

We are notifying you of these clarifications to assist in planning and purchase of frames and materials.
  • The maximum material (canvas, panel, paper) size unframed is 320 square inches as stated in the Main EventProspectus. The 320 square inch rule applies only to the Main Event not the Quick Paint or Port Washington events.

  • The new 320 square inch size formula was instituted so that artists could have more aspect options for their art.  New allowed sizes would be 12" x 24"= 288 square inches, 10" x 30" = 300 square inches, 17" x 17"=289 square  inches.  Square inches = length x width for example 16 x 20 canvas = 320 square inches

  • The maximum frame size limit is 4 inches per side.  This is to provide continuity to the show.

  • Completed framed work for the Main Event can be no larger than672 square inches.

Cedarburg Quick Paint and Port Washington Paint Out

  • Maximum material is 225 square inches unframed for example:

15" x 15" = 225, 10 x 20 =200, 12" x 16" =192

  • Frames will be measured and must be 4 inches or less per side.

  • Framed work submitted for the Port Washington Paint Out and the Quick Paint events can be no larger than 441 square inches.

All information is available on our website:
or  blog:  www.PleinAirCedarburg.blogspot

Looking forward to seeing you
The Cedarburg Plein Air Committee

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hey Artists! Check out this article from The New Yorker!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

From Plein Air Magazine!!! POSTCARDS!!!

Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce Releases Five Plein Air Postcards

Written by  Bob Bahr

Painters who show up in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, for the 15th annual Cedarburg Plein Air event in June will be able to send home professional postcards to their friends and family that depict their job and passion.
The postcards capture artists, such as Lori Beringer, at work during Plein Air Cedarburg.
The Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce recently released five official city postcards depicting plein air artists at work in the town. Featured on the postcards are artists Paul Bergquist, Lori Beringer, Shelby Keefe, Mike Nielson, and Jason Sacran.
Mike Nielson on an official Cedarburg postcard.
"Plein air painting is part of the fabric of the community," says Renira Pachuta, the tourism coordinator for the Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. "Plein air has become so large over the last few years that we decided we would do a plein air series. We had great photos from the event, so we picked out what we thought were the five most stunning photos."
2013 PleinAir Salon Grand Prize winner Shelby Keefe is the subject of one card.
Pachuta emphasizes the work the Cedarburg Artists' Guild has done to connect painters with the community, both in the large event that gets national attention, and other activities that involve the public and local artists. She says the Chamber plans on selling the postcards until they run out -- and then they may print different ones along the same lines. The mementos may prove popular, especially during Plein Air Cedarburg. The price is certainly right.
Jason Sacran graces the front of another postcard issued by the Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce.
"They are $2 a set," says Pachuta. "I'd say that's pretty darn reasonable."

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oh WOW! What a week at Cedarburg! Here are the winners!

For 11 days 160 artists painted in Cedarburg and we only saw the sun for small peeks! A persistent fog rolled in over and over again off Lake Michigan making life interesting and some wonderful moody paintings were produced! Thanks to all the artists who poured out their souls on canvas for us and all our sponsors who opened their wallets! And to our collectors...well how can we thank you enough?? We LOVE you all! See you next year!!

Next Year JUNE 17-28!
Mark your Calenders!

Artists Choice:

1st Place Jan Schmuckel

2nd Place Paula Swayden Grabel

Paint the Festival:

1st Place Jenny Anderson

2nd Place Cherie Raffel

Kathie Wheeler and her Best of Show painting which will be in good company as a part of the permanent collection of Cedarburg Plein Air Event winners at the Cedarburg Art Museum