Saturday, November 1, 2014

From Plein Air Magazine!!! POSTCARDS!!!

Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce Releases Five Plein Air Postcards

Written by  Bob Bahr

Painters who show up in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, for the 15th annual Cedarburg Plein Air event in June will be able to send home professional postcards to their friends and family that depict their job and passion.
The postcards capture artists, such as Lori Beringer, at work during Plein Air Cedarburg.
The Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce recently released five official city postcards depicting plein air artists at work in the town. Featured on the postcards are artists Paul Bergquist, Lori Beringer, Shelby Keefe, Mike Nielson, and Jason Sacran.
Mike Nielson on an official Cedarburg postcard.
"Plein air painting is part of the fabric of the community," says Renira Pachuta, the tourism coordinator for the Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. "Plein air has become so large over the last few years that we decided we would do a plein air series. We had great photos from the event, so we picked out what we thought were the five most stunning photos."
2013 PleinAir Salon Grand Prize winner Shelby Keefe is the subject of one card.
Pachuta emphasizes the work the Cedarburg Artists' Guild has done to connect painters with the community, both in the large event that gets national attention, and other activities that involve the public and local artists. She says the Chamber plans on selling the postcards until they run out -- and then they may print different ones along the same lines. The mementos may prove popular, especially during Plein Air Cedarburg. The price is certainly right.
Jason Sacran graces the front of another postcard issued by the Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce.
"They are $2 a set," says Pachuta. "I'd say that's pretty darn reasonable."

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oh WOW! What a week at Cedarburg! Here are the winners!

For 11 days 160 artists painted in Cedarburg and we only saw the sun for small peeks! A persistent fog rolled in over and over again off Lake Michigan making life interesting and some wonderful moody paintings were produced! Thanks to all the artists who poured out their souls on canvas for us and all our sponsors who opened their wallets! And to our collectors...well how can we thank you enough?? We LOVE you all! See you next year!!

Next Year JUNE 17-28!
Mark your Calenders!

Artists Choice:

1st Place Jan Schmuckel

2nd Place Paula Swayden Grabel

Paint the Festival:

1st Place Jenny Anderson

2nd Place Cherie Raffel

Kathie Wheeler and her Best of Show painting which will be in good company as a part of the permanent collection of Cedarburg Plein Air Event winners at the Cedarburg Art Museum

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Come Party with us as we Celebrate the Fresh Art of Cedarburg!

I've Seen Artists All Over Town so How Can I Acquire their Paintings?

Starting Friday, June 27  10:00 am – 8:00 pm

You'll see paintings that are fresh off the easel, capturing a moment in time.
All of the 160 participating artists complete their paintings outside, start to finish.

For a great sneak peek at our process click on the link below and view the Fox 6 Now coverage of our event!

Meet the artists and purchase paintings. All events are FREE and open to the public at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, 546 Washington Ave., Cedarburg, WI.

Friday, June 27  10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Come and Party with us!!

More than 450 paintings will be on exhibit at the Cedarburg Cultural Center. Doors open at 10 am for immediate painting sales. Come early for best selection. The free reception begins at 5 pm, award presentation at 6 pm, followed by special pricing.

Saturday, June 28  9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Artists will be setting up their easels on the streets of Cedarburg to capture their favorite Strawberry Festival moments. See the wet paintings exhibited at the Cedarburg Cultural Center.

Sunday, June 29  10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Last chance to see the entire exhibit!

Friday, June 20, 2014

QUICK! PAINT!!! (What is that??)

 A few of the 2013 quick paint paintings

Starting at 8am tomorrow the Cedarburg artists will be doing what is called a "quick paint". 

 So what is that? 

If you see artists running tomorrow this is why...After getting their canvas stamped they will have 2 1/2 hours to paint a painting and turn it in framed! They can stamp canvases anytime from 8am till 1pm and all the work must be back at the Cultural Center by 3pm....whew!!

I can tell you this requires a little planning! I like to pick my spot. Set up my easel and paints and even get my frame ready. Only then do I head to the stamping area, use the restroom, get my stamp and head out to paint! I set the timer on my phone because I tend to get lost in my process.

Believe it or not...artists think this is great fun!!! It's also a great time to watch them paint but they might not be too never know!

Rain, Rain, Thunder, Lightning and Fog...Peeks of Sun

Winslow Homer
Artists have been painting in the rain for  a long time!

Whats an artist to do when the skies open up and give us what we have had so far this week? Well, we still paint of course!

Artists gather under every available shelter in Port Washington during the thunderstorm!
There are advantages for the viewer with a raincoat and an umbrella!! The artists become a little easier to find! Most of us come prepared for anything and do paint in the rain. So it's a great rainy day thing to do with your kids!!! Come and see us in Cedarburg!!! Look for our umbrella's!

Socked in!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Plein Air Competitions: An Art Observer's Guide

Judith Reidy and Jenny Anderson

On Wednesday this week 160 artists will descend on the communities of Port Washington (Wednesday and maybe Thursday) and then on to Cedarburg for the rest of the week. They have 8 days to create their entries for the awards competition and sale. Well over 500 brand new paintings will be created in this one 8 day period culminating on Friday the 27th when the work will be available for viewing/ purchasing! (Plus there's a great party!!! and Awards ceremony) You should come!!

Because of the large concentration of artists in one place it is a wonderful opportunity for you to grab the family and watch as artists of all kinds work out their paintings from start to finish, rain or shine! And many, many people will do just that.

So is there an etiquette involved in watching an artist paint? Are there things to say or not say? If you're new to this viewing or even if it's old hat to you here are some tips! (Warning...some of these tips come from being a "fly on the wall" at artist gatherings....and yea...we're different!) Consider the following suggestions:

Bill Suys

Some suggested things to say/do:

1. Mind if I watch?

2. Do you paint outside often?

3. Are you on a deadline? (Sometimes like the Quick Paint on Saturday they only have 2 1/2 hours to paint and turn the piece in framed...not a good time to talk for some)

4. Are you one of those artists that like to talk while you paint? (Clue: look for earphones...they might be trying to concentrate)

5. Why did you pick that to paint?

Some suggested things not to say/do:

1. "How long did it take you to do that?" (Some artists are adept at completing a plein air work in a few hours but it took them years and years to learn how to do that!!!)

2. "My kid can do that." Nuff said....

3. "I have an aunt/brother/nephew/neighbor that's an artist..."

4. There are two places not to stand when approaching an artist. Number one: don't get in between them and what they are trying to paint. Number two: Most artists will back up quite a distance (10-15 ft) every so often to see their work from a distance. So give plenty of room right behind them.

The bottom line is most artists are chatty and really enjoy talking about their art, however, plein air can be a bit of a different animal. Deadlines and racing the sun/rain etc can add to the pressure of painting for a potential award and can make it more difficult. Asking is the best policy!!!

So please come and watch us throw some paint around!

Wendie Thompson (Chief Instigator: WIPAPA)